Welcome to Old Town Hill Baptist Church

I am so glad you have chosen to visit our website today. My prayer is that you will feel comfortable and visit us in person. I wish I could tell you that you have found the perfect church, but we know there is no such thing.

What I can tell you is that you have found a church made up of flawed people who come from many different walks of life, going through many different situations, doing their best to love Jesus and to love and help one another. No matter where you may be on your journey right now please know that there is a Holy God who loves you, who wants to meet with you today, and who wants to make a difference in your life.

I can also tell you this...if you are hurting and looking for people to come alongside you, if you are looking for a place to use your gifts and abilities, or if you are just trying to figure out who Jesus is, this may be the place for you.  

I look forward to meeting you.

Pastor Bruce Reynolds