It is an amazing thing to watch something that is about wiped out come back and be revived. During the hot days of summer, a garden can wilt and come close to death, but when a rainstorm comes in and drops that precious lifegiving water the plants seem to miraculously come back to life. We have probably all heard stories of a drowning victim that was not breathing and someone does CPR and begins to breath into the victim the miracle of revival happens. The idea of something or someone not having any life and to have someone or something breath life into it once again is just amazing to me.  

This miracle applies even to the church of today. The church can get worn down, dry, and quite honestly lose sight of its purpose. When that happens, the only cure is for the breath of God to revive us. The question that has to be asked is does the church, or even us as individuals, want to be revived or are we good with just existing?

In the book of Hosea, we find that Israel had come to the place of being okay with just existing. The things of God became less and less important. In fact, the gods of this world began to fill the space of their hearts. What we know about God is that He is only going to put up with that for so long. He soon allowed the Assyrians to conquer the people of Israel. It did not take too long for Israel to understand that they were reaping the harvest of denying God in their lives and they desired to get back to their God. Hosea gave them these words in chapter 6:1-2,Come, let us return to the Lord. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, that we may live before Him.” The action of the people had to be that they would return to the Lord. They had to quit playing the religious game and get into real relationship with their God once more. Hosea understood that what they as a people were going through was because God had allowed it, but He could heal them. In fact, the truth is that God wanted to revive them, to bring them back from the dead.

The truth is that not very many people want to admit that their walk with the Lord isn’t what it used to be. They don’t want to admit they have allowed the things of this world to choke out their relationship with Jesus. The good news is that the only One we have to admit that to is the Lord Himself. Let’s face it, He already knows it. The question we have to answer is, do we want to be revived? If you do, then the Lord will raise us up on the third day. The third day is an awesome day. The third day is the day the dead are brought to life, the dry bones become flesh, and the breath of God flows in the lungs of His people once more. Today could be your third day.