Join the Church

Joining Old Town Hill Southern Baptist Church is more than just listing your name on a roster. It is a decision to use your skills and talents to come alongside other Christians in functioning as the body of Christ. Being a church member is about living life with other Christians, supporting, encouraging, and admonishing each other along the way.
To Join:

1. You must have a living faith and trust in Jesus Christ as both your Lord and Savior.
2. You have to be baptized by immersion.
3. You need to talk with the pastor.


Knowing Jesus

Did you know that just about every religion proclaims that we are separated from God? Did you know that just about every religion gives us steps to follow and things to do so that we can be reconciled to God? Did you know that these are just man-made attempts to be right with God? Actually, God did all the work for us. He sent His son, Jesus, to earth and the cross for us. We don’t have to do anything – just have faith. What’s faith? – read on!
The Problem:
1) We’re sinners. That means we’ve messed up at least once in our lives. Not one of us is perfect.
2) Our sin separates us from God. That means no fellowship with Him now, no eternity in heaven, and yep ~ an eternity in hell.
3) There’s nothing we can do about it. Try if you want, but your efforts will be in vain.
The Solution:
1) God loved us and sent His son, Jesus, to earth for us.
2) Jesus lived a perfect life, but decided to die anyway, which He didn’t have to do because His life was perfect. God raised Him from the dead, and His death can count as payment for our sins. His resurrection gives us the promise that we, too, can spend eternity in heaven.
3) We have to believe in our heart about Jesus and confess that He is who the Bible says He is ~ God who loved us and through faith in Him, we will be saved from hell and get to spend eternity in heaven.
Your Response:
Want to talk to someone?
Call Pastor Bruce at the church at 765-284-6445.
Email Pastor Bruce at
Come and visit our church (location and times).

New to Old Town Hill

Wanting to learn more about our church? Thinking about joining our church? Maybe you’ve recently joined our church, but you want to learn more about how you can get involved. If so, then you need to attend New ToOTH!

This Sunday School Class is only 4 weeks long, meets during the Sunday School hour, and is meant to teach you all about Old Town Hill Southern Baptist Church ~ what it means to be a church member and how to plug in and serve God at our church.


If you’re interested in going through the 4-week classes, all you have to do is show up.

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