I enjoy watching things being built. I like seeing where at one point there is nothing then suddenly there may be a house, or a restaurant, or a church building. There is a lot to the process of building and the most important part is of course the foundation. Now I really don’t know much more than that about building any kind of structure, but I reckon that is the most important part.

If someone is going to take shortcuts in a building the foundation is not the place to do it. Jesus referred to that when He said that you can build upon the rock, or you can build upon sand. Of course, anything built upon a sturdy foundation is built to last, and if built upon sand will stand only temporarily.

It is not just the building of a foundation that is important but also not allowing that foundation to be compromised by water, erosion, or tree roots. We as followers of Jesus have been given the best foundation in which to build our lives. The person of Jesus Christ, His Word, and the hope of salvation. When we build our lives upon these truths our lives will grow and flourish. Then when the storms come crashing down, like Jesus said, we stand.

Yet, what happens when we allow this world to chip away at this foundation? We all know the answer. We find ourselves in a place we never wanted to be. The Psalmist asked this question in chapter 11 verse 3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The answer, a whole lot of nothing.

So, question number one, what are you building your life on? If it is anything other than Jesus than your foundation will crumble, and your house will fall. Question number two, as a follower of Jesus have we let the tree roots of this world start to chip away at our foundation? Are there cracks starting to show?

Can I remind you today that the same One that you gave your life to is still the same One that can revive your life. He can fix the places in your life that are starting to erode away. Jesus is still the Greatest Carpenter to ever live and He can rebuild your house even now.