Cry Out

We live in a very loud society. Many times, this noise keeps us from hearing things that are true and right. Many times, it seems that we cannot even be heard. It is in those times we have a choice, either to quit speaking or cry out louder.

As I am typing this out my memory takes me back to when I was a teenager and would attend a family reunion on my paternal grandmother’s side. They are Scottish in heritage. This comes with a blessing and a curse. The blessing is we believe in family clans and closeness. The curse? We are loud. A discussion soon sounds like a shouting match and all we are doing is discussing the weather. When you get us all together, we soon begin to shout just to hear one another over each other. Then you have a choice either quit speaking or speak even louder.

In Luke chapter 18 Jesus tells us a parable of a persistent widow who goes to an unrighteous judge and cries out for justice. Eventually the judge gives in and gives justice because this widow would not give up. Then later as Jesus was walking a blind man called out to Him. When this happened the crowd around him told him to be quiet. Now this man had a choice, continue to be blind or do what he did. He cried out all the more. “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” When you cry out to Jesus there may not be people or a person telling you to be quiet, but I can promise that the enemy of your soul will be in your ear telling you to be quiet. You have the choice, either to give up or cry out all the more. I challenge you to cry out all the more. Do not give up. Jesus is listening and He desires to be there for you.

This is even more important when it comes to crying out that the only hope this world has is in Jesus.

In these days where it seems the loudest voice prevails, let me challenge all of us to not just be louder, but let us be persistent because the message of hope in Jesus cannot be quenched nor can it be silenced.