Chip off the Old Block

It seems like just yesterday that my boys were young and going to school. There was almost a ritual every morning that we would go through as they would head out the door to get on the bus. They would tell me and my wife bye and I would call their names with these instructions; “Remember who you are and whose you are.” One of my hopes is that these words would resonate in their hearts and minds as their day went on and would help them in their decision-making processes. I’m not sure what it meant to them, they were probably shaking their heads thinking “yeah, yeah, yeah, dad.” For me I wanted them to know first and foremost that since they had both given their lives to Jesus they were and are children of the King. This should make a difference in how they live. Second, they are my boys and that also should make a difference in how they approach life.

Sadly, many people have a misconception on what being a follower of Jesus is like. For many they think they must try and be a “Christian.” When in fact when you give yourself to Jesus the bible is very clear that we are a new creation. You do not have to try and be a new creation, you are a new creation. In the same way my boys didn’t have to try and be my sons, they are and always will be my sons. Then because they have my DNA, they will naturally take on some of my physical traits (poor kids). Because they grew up around me, they will take on some of my personality traits, my likes, my thoughts, and even my beliefs.

If you have given yourself to Jesus you do not have to try to be a child of God, you are a child of God. The goal is to be more like our daddy. The more we talk to Him, spend time in His word, and hang around the siblings the more we will begin to take on the traits of our Heavenly Father. We will be “chips off the old block”.

Stop trying to be a born-again follower of Jesus, just be.

Isaiah 51:1, Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the Lord: look to the rock from which you were hewn, and the quarry from which you were dug.

We are chipped off the Rock, remember who we are and whose we are.