Being Ready

Do you remember back when you were in elementary school and all the fire and tornado drills that you had to do? Some of you may even remember the whole duck and cover under the desk during the height of the cold war just in case of a nuclear attack. Although I’m not sure how well the desk would protect from a nuke, I guess it was better than doing nothing.

We practiced these drills periodically so if the need would ever occur, we could escape the danger that was at hand. I was doing my devotions in Acts chapter 10 and looking at Peter getting the opportunity to share the gospel with a guy by the name of Cornelius and his household. He was not really prepared for what the Lord was about to throw at him. Poor Peter was about to find out that the gospel was for everyone including the gentiles.

Then I asked myself this question, “I wonder how many followers of Jesus practice and prepare for surprise encounters with those who need hope in Jesus Christ?” My fear is that most don’t even look for such an opportunity, let alone practice and prepare.  It’s just not even on our radar. We never know when the Lord may send someone in our path, and I know the last thing we want is to be unprepared.  So, the first thing we need to do is desire to share the gospel. Second, prepare by doing our drills, know what Jesus has done for you, and what is needed for salvation to occur in someone’s life.

Because truthfully this is a whole lot more important than a fire or tornado drill.