The word alone brings up a lot of thoughts and most of them are not positive. Many times, when we think of being alone, we think of loneliness. We tend to think about getting dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend once again. Going to the movies alone, to school dances alone, being the third wheel. Oh sorry, I just went back in time for a second. Most people think of being alone as a negative but let me remind you that Jesus found that there must be times when we should get alone. Now when you really think about it, we are not really alone because our Heavenly Father is wanting to spend time with us. It is not about being alone for the sake of being alone but being alone with the God of creation.

Oh, sure we talk about getting alone with God, but what does that really mean? What are we supposed to do when we get alone with God? Well, the obvious is we are to pray. We are to pour out to Him all our hurts, pains, gratitude, and love to Him.  We can pray for broken families, our broken city, state, and a broken nation. Pray that the Father would grow us into strong followers of Jesus that do not run away at the first sign of trouble.  I know many of you are thinking, duh I do that all the time. Okay, then here is something else we should do when alone with God…LISTEN. 

This means that we will have to be quiet. Listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak into our hearts and minds. Jesus said that He only did what the Father told Him to do. How did Jesus know what the Father wanted Him to do? He waited and listened until He heard from the Father.  This will cause us to have a little something called patience.

Then in that alone time worship Him. Sing that favorite hymn. It is the only time I am allowed to sing. So, lift up that song to Jesus, weep tears of thanksgiving, lift those hands in the air and just worship.

You may find that the best part of the day is when it is just you and the Lord.