Well we just got through the month of October and in doing so Halloween was just a few days ago. I guess Halloween was always alright, but it was not really my favorite holiday. One reason is that I am not one who likes spooky things, nor do I like to get scared. In fact, I can’t hardly watch T.V. commercials for that show “The Walking Dead” without having nightmares. There is just something about having the undead chasing me and trying to eat my flesh that creeps me out.

There is one nice thing about these movies and shows. You know who the bad guys are. There is no mistaking those who are truly alive versus those who are the walking dead. This is true in the spiritual world as well. In the book of Mark in Chapter 12 Jesus was tested once again about doctrinal issues. This one in particular is about whether there is such a thing as resurrection. Jesus responds with a glaring truth in verse 27; God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. Now of course Jesus is speaking of those who are resurrected physically to eternal life, but there is also the truth that God is only the God of the spiritually resurrected.

In other words, not everyone belongs to God like it is mistaught in our society today. I John 3:10 tells us that there will be evidence of who belongs to God and who belongs to the devil. Those who belong to God will have been spiritually resurrected to newness of life. They will not be the walking dead.

We as followers of Jesus have to fulfill our ministry of watchmen on the wall by proclaiming the only hope that is in Jesus. To see the dead resurrected to this life we call following Jesus. Family, if you are a follower of Jesus you have been given an amazing and powerful life to live. Let me challenge you today…LIVE IT!